Monday, August 7, 2017

TBB asks

What a super fun way to get to know other bloggers - answering some very random questions in a blog post! ha! here's mine:

1.       Pool, lake or ocean? Definitely not Lake. I am so not a lake swimmer. I do however love a good ocean swim, but pools are my fave. #imaprincess

2.       Camping, cottage or hotel. Ha! Hotel first, but I do love cottaging. Not a camper, but will do it if need be.

3.       Favourite Ice cream flavor – PB & chocolate. Give me all the peanut butter.

4.       PJs, Nightgown T shirts or Birthday suit……TMI but BDAY suit for this girl.

5.       Fave Summer Beverage – this year, has been ice coffee!

6.       Would you rather be hot or cold. Hot HOT HOT – but at night – cold.

7.       Sandals with heels or flats. Flats for me, I’m too tall.

8.       Shorts or skirts. Shorts I guess, but I’d rather dresses to be honest.

9.       Sit in the sun or the shade – SUN!!!

10.   Water, tea or soda . Water, I’m boring. 

11.   Fave summer fruit & veggie. I’m so not a fruit person but dig strawberries. Veggies – give me all the veggies!!

12.   Sunrise or sunset. Sunset all the way. Love me some golden hour

13.   Bike ride or walk. Walk – I walk almost every night. I will hate winter when it comes.

14.   Winery or brewery. Wine, wine. 

15.   Garden or no garden. Right now – no garden

16.   Big summer concert or music in the park? Both. LOL I like festivals.

17.   Fave cookout food. Macaroni salad. Hands down.

18.   Dine indoors or patio. I’m a patio girl. Nick however, likes to be inside, so we argue a lot in the summer.

19.   Fave Summer Destination. The Bruce!

20.   Big Theme park or local carnival. Um – neither really. Not a fan of crowds or Carni’s

21.   Drinks blended or on the rocks. Blended – with umbrellas duh!

22.   Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice – Blue. LOL is that a flavor?

23.   Hot dog or Hamburger. Burger. With cheese. And bacon. And avocado. Hold the bun. Mmmm I’m hungry now.

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  1. Oooh gotta have the cheese, bacon and Avacado....YUM!! I literally just bought some lil umbrellas so your drink shall be ready my sweets!!

  2. I love Macaroni salad, too! People don't make it as much anymore around me - I miss it.

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  3. I love avocado on a burger...also yay for birthday suits- so much more comfortable.

  4. The umbrell's duh, so dang true! And you and me sister with the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream, heck ya! Ice Cream buddy's for life!

  5. I'm totally with you at the hotel and that burger. Yes, please serve it up!

  6. give me all the wine!!
    you like swimming in the ocean? have you seen shark week? lol no thank you!

  7. I haven't had Macaroni Salad in forever - yum! Your burger sounds delicious!