End of a year, end of a decade..

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I've been meaning to do a lot of things lately. I wanted to write a goodbye to Miller Ellis, but seems I missed that ship. I wanted to write a goodbye to my sister who left for Ottawa on Dec 27th, but instead I've stayed inside my house and ate my feelings. Well, that's not entirely true. I've been cleaning my house and organizing but hiding away from stuff. And I did leave to see Starwars so I'm not like a hermit or anything.

So I'll toss this all on my year-end re-cap blog post I guess and also say goodbye to the decade that was my 30s. I cannot believe I'm about to enter my 40th year. I love that I was born in 1980, it makes math so easy and decades seem more special to us born in the 70s, 80s, 90s etc. I'm a sucker for easy math.

2019 was so much better to me than 2018. And this is because I was better to me. I was much kinder to my self. I learned a lot about who I am, and what my goals are and more importantly who I don't want to be. I made time for things that are important. I set goals, reached some, not all and that's okay. I moved in the right direction.

I watched less tv, read more. Tried hard to listen more, and talk less (which is hard. I'm a talker). I travelled more, I said yes to things I normally wouldn't. I pushed past the awkwardness and uncomfortable-ness to try and grow. I grew in faith, I grew in relationships. I took social media breaks when I knew it was good for me. I overshared sometimes too. I'm fun like that.

There was a ton of change in our family, and I'll post more on that later - I'd like to have the kids share in their own words. They are older now so sharing their stories should be on their terms now.

Here's a snapshot of my year

and here's a snapshot of our UK trip that really deserves it's own post, but I honestly can't do it justice. My insta daily diary posts are all that I have in me writing wise.

2019 was one of my favourite years. It wasn't easy. But I feel like I kicked some serious ass in it. 

Here's to 2020, and being 40.

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