I think Tuesdays are worse than Mondays

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a crazy life I lead.

After work last night, I had a plan. I work on a schedule. When something gets in the way of my schedule, I’m not pleased. So my plan was, to get Nevaeh, get some groceries, go home, feed her, do dishes, make my lunches for the entire week (Quinoa – which is a pain in the butt to cook in case you were wondering), give her a bath, get her to bed, at which point I could start making Nicks dinner, in time for him to get home close to 7pm, we could watch Gilmore girls, and and off to the gym I would go for my 8pm training appointment.

This so did not happen.

I made it up to the point where I had Nevaeh in bed. I think went on the computer, edited photos from this weekends photoshoot, when Nick called to say he was running late. I reminded him about my 8pm appointment. He said okay.

I continued on the computer, while also cooking his dinner (yes, I’m a multi-tasker) and taking breaks to dance around to the music I was blaring from Nicks iTunes. Yes, I can shake it like a Pom pom.

Now, it’s getting closer and closer to 8pm. Still no nick. I’m on the phone with Tanya and we’re gabbing away about nothingness when I realize OMG it is 8pm, STILL no nick. She offers to take Nevaeh. I then call him quick, he confirms he’s STILL at work, so I wake my poor baby up, stuff her in her snow suit, and then run to Tanyas. She gladly takes Nevaeh and I’m only about 15 minutes late to my appointment.

Nyrton actually didn’t yell at me, which is nice, but he still put me through hell last night. I don’t think I can accurately describe in words how sore I am. My body is so exhausted. It feels good but bad at the same time. Does this make sense. I’m rambling.

I did some cardio at lunch today and I'm so not wanting to go back out in the cold and the snow to get back to the gym now that I'm at home and it's cozy.

God I'm lazy.

Changing the subject, so I can talk about one of the kids for a minute (since I'm so self involved and seem to only want to talk about me.

Nevaeh has become an expert walker lately. She’s all over the place now a days, and it’s super cute to watch her. She’s also talking (albeit gibberish) more and more each day. Today she was copying me saying ‘meow’ to the kitty. (the kitty whom she likes to body check to the ground and pin there and beat to death with her bottle, she thinks he likes it).I'll try and get a video of her walking around it's too cute.

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  1. hahaha... I totally pictured the whole kitty-tackling thing! :)

    I'm super impressed by you! Great job! Definitely more determination than I would have... :/


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