My LOST series finale review

Friday, May 28, 2010

It’s been 5 days. yes, 5 days for me to digest, the end. When I mean End, I do mean the “the end” the title of the lost finale.

Let me start this post by saying, I had mixed feelings for the week leading up to the finale. Excited to see how it wrapped up, and what the Flash Sideways were, and then so completely sad that it was ending. Now I realize what the non-lost fans are thinking as they read this. What a loser, but all of the lost fans who do read this will completely agree.

I had a dream Friday night. About lost. My very first (hopefully last) dream about lost. And since it’s been a week since I had said dream, I can’t remember the details. I do remember screaming “WALTTT” at the top of my lungs though and waking up.

No, I’m not crazy.

Anywho. My take on the finale: I loved it

It was smart, heartfelt & wrapped up the character arcs perfectly. Okay maybe not perfectly – c’mon – Sayid and Shannon? Please. Pfft. But for the most part it was perfect. And I didn’t see it coming. They could have made it disastrous. Now, I know a lot of people (and the more I read, I realize HOW many people) hated the finale. Didn’t like that it left so many questions unanswered, and felt the writers copped out.

I think that’s crap. The show wasn’t about stupid numbers. The writers were fucking with us with the numbers. They ENJOYED placing the easter eggs in the show. We enjoyed searching for them.

Who cares why Dharma was there. They were, they died. Who cares.

Who were the others? Well, they were Richards people. Minus the eyeliner. Does it honestly matter?

They could have explained Jacob, the man in black and their crazy mother a bit better, but even then, would we be satisfied? Which questions could they answer? All of them? No. The thing about lost is it always left us asking questions. That’s why we all blogged/ message board/water cooler talked about it. It was different. It was thought provoking, all while being a character drama. It made us love, hate, pitty the characters. I’ve never hated a character and loved them all at the same time as I did Ben Linus, or Michael come to think of it. He annoyed me.

We didn’t watch the show for the mysteries alone, they helped the characters storys along. And that’s why we loved it. The show was in the end, about Jack. Started with Jack, ended with him, and he had some amazing friendships/enemies along the way. Turns out he needed the important people to ‘remind’ him in his purgatory, so he could move on or ‘let go’.

I think people are mainly frustrated because it’s over. It’s done. They’re angry. Hell I’m angry. I want more Jack. But I’m not taking it out on the finale. I don’t think explaining what the smoke monster is, was going to make anyone happier at the end of the show. I don’t think explaining the time traveling donkey wheel was going to make people stand up and cheer. But seeing Claire remember Charlie? Oh I stood up. I clapped. I cried.

This is why the finale was so great. Our favourite characters (minus mr. eko and walt) were given a second chance. In the afterlife. It was beautiful. The finale church scene had me sobbing.

On a side note I think the acting was PHENOMENAL in the final season, especially this last episode. John Locke/Flocke was amazing, as was Ben. And Jacks finale scene (which was perfect by the way) better win him an Emmy.

I think there will always be the great divide in the fans, the lovers vs the haters (Ashlee!) but in the end, I think we’re all just going to miss Tuesday nights, and getting Lost on the Island.


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