February Reads.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Linking up again with Alison from Puppies and Pretties for Reading Lately. I'm proud to say I made my goal of 2 books read this month ! Considering this was a busy photography month I'm stoked that I hit the goal.

So - here's what I read:

This book was great. Intense. I loved it. And hated it all at the same time. Typically I read in the bath with a glass of wine. While reading this book I couldn't drink at all. Without giving too much away here are notes I put in my phone while reading this book ( please keep in mind these were late night random thoughts not literary genius)

My second book was supposed to be all the light we cannot see but then a friend lent me Drew Barrymore's book and I had to read it 

I really enjoyed this little book. It was filled with short stories from her life and it was great to really get to know Drew. I love her and Her movies ( as cheesy as they may be ) they always have a fairly good message. She writes like you're sitting in her living room together having tea trading life stories. I loved that it jumped all over, but still all tied in. It made me go on a Drew kick re-watching her movies, ordering her make-up on line, and coveting her new brand of reading glasses. I'm a sucker.

Next month I plan on finishing All the light we cannot see, and then starting Rory Gilmore's Book challenge. Yikes!


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  1. Rory Gilmore's book challenge??!! Qu'est-ce que c'est??

    1. Saw it on Pinterest. 340 books on the list. I've read a bunch maybe 10-20 lol. I'm going to strive for 1/2 of my books each month to be on that list !

  2. Ha, I love your notes. I have certainly gotten that "what the what?" feeling before while reading. I still haven't read The Girl on the Train, but feel I almost need to.

  3. OMG...let's be besties!! I seriously had the exact same thoughts reading Girl on the Train! And we can have a Drew movie marathon and drink wine!! LOL going to get her book now!! :) And the Rory Gilmore book challenge....I have to pin that. There was quiz/list I saw that had every book she read over the course of the 7 seasons, 339 !! I took it and had read 38/339! HA!!


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