Monday moments of gratitude - March 7th - 13th.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Linking up with Shaunacey again this week.  I'm really loving reflecting on the last week and trying to find the positives in my very hectic life.

1. Girlfriends. I'm in an introvert at heart and 99.9% of the time I want to home. Lately I've made a promise to myself to actually make the time and go do stuff so this last week I had two girls nights. ( so I'm also grateful for Nick who picked up the slack while I was out ).  I met up with my high school BFF on Monday at milestones for drinks and appys. 25 years of friendship is a long time. Though we don't see each other a ton it's super fun to catch up and I'm so glad she's moved up north from the city.  Girls night two was with my work ladies and we played Cards agains humanity. Always a good time :)

2.  Car dancing. I'm addicted. I used to be a smoker and my favourite thing about driving was smoking alone in the car ( no kids or husband just me and a smoke). Well I haven't smoked in 10 years I've replaced it with loud ( super loud) music in the car. And if a good song comes on and I'm almost home I drice around a bit aimlessly first. Also I choreograph full dances in my head of how I would perform certain songs if I was ever asked too. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. My weekly appointments to Toronto will give me TONS of time to dance. 

A friend of mine said this reminds her of me.

3. Family brunches. we started this traction last year and I so prefer this to dinner. My dad has to work this Easter so we did it 2 weeks early. Yay for family living close.

4. Free health care. During my appointments last week my blood pressure was up and I'll probably be in and out of the doctors for the next while and I'm fully appreciating the fact that I don't pay a dime. 

5. Spring like weather. Is making me clean and decorate!
What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Friends and Cards Against Humanity..such a great recipe for a fun night! Love that you have dance parties in your car. We kinda do, but it's more a giant sing-along on the way to school. The kids' current faves are 7 years and Stressed Out.

    1. Nev LOVES 7 years!!! Such a good song.

  2. bahahahahah I'm grateful for that video you posted that just had me busting a gut despite seeing it like 100 times. Amazing.
    YAY girls nights!!! I need one of those and thankfully am meeting up with some of my fav ladies this weekend! Oh and Vegas quickly approaches (still super depressed you're not coming).
    thanks for linking up AND for making my morning with that video!

    Simply Shaunacey

  3. Yay for two girls nights! Such a rarity and good for you for getting out and being social! haha, I've never seen that clip, I can just see you now dancing your heart out. And if I had any dancing skills whatsoever I would definitely be doing dance choreographs in my car too :)

  4. You need to live closer. I think I love you.

    1. Awww shucks. Ontario isn't too far :) Toronto trip!!


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