Truthful Tuesday - May 24 edition

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I missed yesterday's grateful post. Actually, I think last weeks too. (Can you tell it is my busy season - ew).

Here are some photos of our very awesome trip to Black creek Pioneer Village on Monday, thanks to our cousin Victoria for having all 10 of us (Me, Nick, Abby, Mimi, Nev, Nana, Carol-Anne, Matt, Lily & Claire). SOOOOO FUN! Totally recommend going if you are in the area. We went all the time as kids, but I haven't been back in like over 12 years I think.

And here's a truth for you, the kids were really well behaved until the end when every one was hot, tired and hungry. I refused to stop for food (cause I would eat it) and made them drive all the way (poor them) home to eat dinner first. It's amazing but guess what they survived, and so did I.

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  1. Tough love, mommy. But we are doing a lot of that eating at home stuff, too. I am doing 21 Day Fix, kind of hit or miss, but we are eating a lot better overall and at home through the week almost entirely these days. Weekends, eh, not so much. Your trip looks like a big success.

  2. lol good for you for recognizing triggers though and it's sounds like they survived the way home no problem.


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