Optifast program - week 8.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I'm halfway through shakes only !! What ?!? 6 weeks of shakes done. 7 weeks on program and 8th class completed

And I lost 10 freaking pounds last week.

For a grand total of 40 effing pounds. 

Yes that means I get my iPhone. Sadly my engine in my car blew up on Sunday. Yes same car I had problems with a week ago. So I still have yet to purchase purse (way too picky ) and now phone. This may take a few weeks now that I need to put a new engine In my car but that's okay. I know they are coming ! Rose gold iPhone here I come. 

Also big shout out to Deena from Shoes to Shiraz for sending me a Kylie Jenner lip kit. I have no idea how you and Christy even manage to buy them. Every time I try they are sold out. Crazy teenagers lol 


This weeks class focus was on cognitive behaviour therapy. It was really interesting and I'm excited to work through the worksheets. I like the emotional eating focus this program has. Because I'm a huge emotional eater. 

I'll talk more about that soon because we've only just started so it's all pretty new to me. It's really interesting tho. 

Also in other news I pinched a nerve in my lower back fairly certain it's my sciatic nerve and I haven't done a 21 day fix since and have managed to do piYo instead.  It's been good to stretch it out. They are fairly hard videos but I'm enjoying them. I'll do them for the next month and see how it goes. My goal: 22 minute hard core! I think I'll need to be on food to do those !!! 

I'm finding this post a bit boring other than the cool amount of weight loss and the fact that halfway through shakes. I should have probably waited to post my photos from last week to this week. Sh well. My next progress photos won't be for 6 more weeks. 

I'm tired and going to sleep now. Peace out !

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  1. IF i'm being honest, it is my crazy friend who asked if I wanted one since she was ordering... so I got 2! Great work Nicole - I love your weekly recaps!

  2. I am also a huge emotional eater and would love to hear more. Yay lip kits, goals and general awesomeness!

  3. Holy cow, lady! Awesome job! 40 pounds is definitely something to be proud of!

  4. Hope you will share more about emotional eating as I am sure many of us could benefit from being more aware about why we do it. So very proud of your continued success and focus. Dad-gum car engine getting in the way of your rose gold phone but at least you know you have done the work for it and it is yours very soon.


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