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Monday, December 28, 2009

While reading MckMama's latest post about the hilarious things she says to her children throughout the week it reminded me of something Abby said to my mom this weekend...

Mimi and Abby were supposed to be in bed last night at Nana and Papa's. The grown up's were playing Beatles Rock Band. Abby came down stairs for what felt like the 8th time that evening ("I'm thirsty", "I wanna tell you something", "Mimi's looking at me") but this time with a new problem.

Her new bracelet broke. It was the end of the world. She was devastated.

So Nana says something like (Im taking liberties here) "Oh hunny it's okay I can fix it, Nana can fix anything, Nana's are are amazing, better than mommys we can do everything"

to which Abby replies

"You can fix anything? What about if an Elephant was cut in half..."


So Nana....can you fix cut in half Elephants?!? No. I don't think so. Poor girls crushed.

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