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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quick post to say we made it through Christmas (though my small house might not make it) and all of us were thoroughly spoiled. We spent Christmas eve 'Just us 6' at home, same with Christmas Morning after Santa came. Then we made our way to my Mom and Dads for a couple of days. Christmas Day was spent with my Moms side, and Boxing Day with my dad's side. So much family and so much fun! (and so much wine, which of course I enjoy). We only celebrate with my side of the family because, well we don't speak to Nicks side, which always surprises me around this time of the year. My family could never do that. We talk tooo much.

Anyways, I took a TON of pictures. My kids were getting annoyed. But I don't have time to edit those yet because I'm trying to get a wedding done in the next couple days, so once that's done, I'll post my Christmas photos.

I did want to throw this one up though...


The girls say thanks Uncle Les & Aunt Tina!!! They loved their gifts. And Nevaeh's gift thoughtful. Thanks so much:) Hopefully we'll see you soon. xo

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