I had an Idea

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For my blog post tonight. While Madison was doing her paper route I was going to follow her around with my camera.

Obviously I have other things to do like, look after my other 3 children, do dishes, make dinner, and should probably wash some clothing

So instead, I quickly through Mimi outside and took these pictures. I had to bribe her with painting her nails



After trying to get these, I was just about to go inside and she does this cute pose, and my setting were all messed up so she's moving quickly and my shutter wasn't quick, so the picks a bit blurry. You might not be able to tell. But I can.


but sometimes I have to remember that these are the pictures that I'll love later on, not the super posey ones. This is Mimi. And it's why I don't kill her some days....because she can be so cute when she wants to be.

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