Day 43

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I had today's picture all picked out until about 15 minutes ago.

Today I had photoshoots most of the day in Newmarket, so Nevaeh went to visit with my Aunt Wendy, Unlce Billy and cousins Sarah and Michelle. They spent all day running around with her, laughing as she ate the cat food from the floor (see my facebook for photos) and then built her a 'mountain' in their backyard for her to sled down. She was soooo exhausted when we picked her up, she fell asleep in the car in like 3 seconds. Nick took a photo on with his phone. Done. I had my 365


I had just spent the last few hours editing, was about to sit on the couch and watch a movie with Nick and Nevaeh, when Nevaeh walks up to us, starts talking giberish, while eating a corn chip and bam PUKES everywhere. Projectile.

I start gagging. Nick starts gagging. It's like that episode from Raising Hope.

I quickly say, who's doing bath, and who's doing clean up and no sooner was Nevaeh up the stairs in the bath. Nick left me to clean the floor.

Sounds like a totally awesome Saturday night eh?

While Nev was in the bath, Nick took this pic, you can't even tell she was sick..

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