Day 68

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

This past weekend, we celebrated a bunch of birthdays at my Aunt and Uncles place. We used to celebrate each birthday individually, back in the day, before you know, we all got busy, had lives, and started having more children (that being me).

So now we group them together. So Saturday it was Mimi/Abby/Michelles Birthday. Michelle turned 18. This makes me feel crazy old. No idea why, Nicks new best friend is Michelle’s boyfriend Hayden, who is also 18. Not sure what that says about my man, that he has the same taste in video games as 18 year old boys. But whateves, that’s a whole other story.

Abby’s request for birthday presents was ‘Sleepover stuff”. So, she had already gotten the tent from my mom, she got to add a sleeping bag, lantern, camping chair and flashlight to the mix. My sister also got her a slushy maker. (Side note to Carol-anne, the kids spent Sunday with Nick using the easy bake, blizard maker and smoothie maker)

Mimi on the other hand asked for one thing only. Hello Kitty stuff. And she got loads. And loads.

Her fave item she carries everywhere with her. I had meant to get a shot with her out on Sunday and forgot. And yesterday my headache was way to bad



and just because she’s way too cute….




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