Day 78

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My day started off at 10:20am. to be exact. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in this late. Nick got up with the kids at 8, and make them breakfast and ensured they left me sleeping. This almost never happens, he usually scrams the sleeping in or I’m working weekends and we both have to get up. Well this is my weekend off, and I’m LOVING it.

Today I wanted to go see a movie, cause I had gift cards, you know the ones that come with popcorn etc, but Abby and Mimi were ‘sick of the movies’. I guess they’ve seen a lot of with their dad lately. Nick, Mady and I decided to still go, and dropped the other three off at my moms.

We saw Beastly and it was ‘meh’. Writing sucked, That chick from High School Musical annoys me, but it was visually a pretty movie. Sometimes. Cute teen chickflick. Mady loved it.

We then had to rush home cause Nick was going to the last Colts home game of the season with his buddy and their oldests (which means Mady was getting another outing today).

He took our 365 photos with his phone, and also ‘edited’ them with his phone as well, or used hipstomatic or whatever. I was too busy parked on my couch watching Labyrinth with my other girls to take photos.



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