Day 112

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alarm clock went off at 8, and I literally jumped out of bed ready to start the day. So excited!! Nick had a eye doctor appointment, then Tanya and I had 2 photo shoots, and then Nick, Nevaeh and I were off to Deerhurst for Easter!!

Nick got a bit excited while were driving, and went a bit overzealous with the cell phone photos

nick blog 1

This is our drive up. He took something like 25 photos on the road. I won’t post them all. LOL

blog 1

When we first go there Nevaeh was so excited that our room was by the water. So excited in fact we had to drag her into our bloody hotel room

nick blog 2

But she was happy when she realized we could look at the water from our room. I can’t image what it would be like to stay here in the fall. I want to book our next trip now.

Then it was time to bathe and get ready for dinner.

blog 2

She didn’t know how to judge the height of the bed. She literally hung there while I was running the bath, and then paused to take the photo lol

blog 4

She liked the big bathtub, but hated the jets. I think we scared her when we turned them on.

Then she was all ready and dressed for dinner and a show…

nick blog 3

Then play time…

nick blog 4

nick blog 5

then back to bed getting ready for the easter bunny tomorrow (and finally photos with a real camera)

blog 10

blog 11

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