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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I had an idea of how my weekend was going to go. I had lists. Time lines, and more lists. I knew exactly what I was going to be doing and when.

6:30 on Friday night? I was signing the dotted line on my new van (Montana SV6 for those nosey people) and to keep the Barrie folk happy, it's still a white van. I'm sure it wont be long before Nick letters it up.

Saturday Tanya and I had 2 shoots, plus my girls had dance in the morning, so it was rush rush rush, go go go all day. I also had a brilliant Idea (and Tanya can contest to this) to wear cute high heeled shoes to a Christmas Party we shot last night. This is where my 'scheduled' weekend took a turn.

I knew I would be home around 9pm last night. Which gave me exactly 30 minutes to have dinner, and then I was moving furniture to put up my Christmas Tree, and have it all ready for the kids to decorate the next day. Then that left me enough time to watch a movie with Nick and go to bed.

This is what really happend.

Got home around 9:15 (after stopping for Starbucks, and picking up Tanya's Pad Thai). I layed down on my couch and checked my feet to see if they were bledding. They weren't but they were screaming at me.

Layed there.

Nick ordered pizza.

Layed on my couch some more.

Figured, hey, I'll catch up on some shows I PVR'd. Watched 3 HOURS worth of So you think you can dance.

Layed there some more. Thinking of how if I danced, I wouldn't be so over weight (while eating pizza).

Decided it's a good time to put up the tree (it's after midnight now)

Crawled up the stairs, and went to bed.

Today was bit better, but rushed as well. I had to take my ex Husbands Christmas Pictures with his new Wife, and my 3 kids.

Had a plan to do this outside. Then of course it rained, and ken was late, and I was 40 minutes behind my schedule. I get flustered when this happens.

Pics turned out cute though.


I snuck Nevaeh in there and got a pic for myself:)

We came home and started decorating the house. While I attempted to put the lights on the tree (which was supposed to happen the night before) they decorated the little tree...


while Mimi did this...


then I let them go to town.


I have a hodgepodge of a Christmas tree. We go to Garden Gallery every year and let the kids pick out a new 'theme' to introduce. So it's a collection of about 4 different themes. It's very girly.


see. Lots of Ballet slippers...


...and fairies...


...and nick doesn't even mind....real men like girly Christmas trees. True Story.


and then afterwards, once kids were in bed, and my roast finally cooked (around 9pm), Nick....


...played video games.....while I cleaned listening to ELF in the background (Points go to people who get my blog title).....

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  1. haha... we watched about 10 minutes of Elf last night! We let the kids pick out new ornaments every year too. :)


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