yeah,'s been a while

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I haven't posted to this blog since last Monday. Since I've started back to work (ewww) and Nevaeh got really sick and had a fever of 103 all week. Then of course, she got better for the weekend. The weekend where I had photoshoots coming out of my a.......well, I probably shouldn't swear.

Anywho. Had TONS of shoots this past weekend, then this week had the week from HELL at work, and every night spent time editing instead of cleaning my house. So my house is gross.

I need a cleaner.

Today we have 2 more shots, and again 2 tomorrow. So I'll basically be editing until Christmas....

and i love it.

Since I haven't picked up a camera for personal use all week, I'll leave you with a cute pic from an engagement shot from last Sunday.


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