Day 9

Sunday, January 09, 2011

This morning, I woke up at 9am. With the feeling of being rushed, right off the bat. My only day off this week, and I had every minute planned of cleaning/organizing my house. First though I had to drive to Aurora to pick up a Mattress for a certain someones new big girl bed!!

After that nothing went as planned, I didn't get all the cleaning I hoped to done, but the girls rooms are all re-organized/decorated and they all have their new posters up.

After a full day of non-stop going going going, Nick surprised everyone with going to Tanya's. For a kitten.

Yes, I always said I wouldn't get another kitten, until I saw Nevaeh with one. She freaking loves them. So, for a treat for all the kids, we got one. Only thing is, Nevaeh thinks its her cat, and well, no one is allowed to touch it. She smacks them.

Here is Nev in her new big girl bed with her 'baby kitty'. Her name is Dora. Nick took these with his phone, so excuse the quality.

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