Best Summer Ever

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yikes. July 10th was the last time I blogged. Not good.

I had figured I'd slow down with the style challenges coming to end, and wedding season hitting, but a month has gone by and that's crazy! I have 3 drafted blogs (One being the July month in review) but I kept forgetting to post them. Ah well - it just means I've had an awesomely busy summer. And I've had so much fun!

This summer I've drove to Boston, rented a cottage way up north, had several day trips to the beach. I've been to two weekend long festivals, I've spent countless hours parked on a floaty in the pool. I've eaten shit food, and drank a lot of beer. I had a road trip with the hubby to Manitoulin - drank more beer.

All in all - excellent summer.

I've been meaning to blog some iPhone/GoPro photos of our Manitoulin adventure, so here's a few. Mind the sweaty hair etc and weird distortion from the GoPro.

We first stopped here for breakfast, because, well Gilmore Girls. Obvi.

Once in Tobermory, we ate at the pub with the patio on the roof. Crows Nest it's called I think? Who knows. It's like the only pub. And you can notice by our sweaty faces, it was hot. So I drank Beer instead of water. Not Smart.

 We walked around Tobermory and tried to get pics of the lighthouse at Big Tub, but we were lazy and didn't want to walk the 45 min, so This is what we got.

Onto the ferry we went. First 15 minutes - so fun.

And then the fog hit, and this is all we could see.....

So then I did this.

I also went shopping. And bought a flannel plaid poncho. no joke.

And then we were on the Island. 

We had dinner (which was fab) and Buoys Dinner I think it was called. So yumm. Halfway through dinner, I look to the left and see the sky is pink, and left Nick on the patio and went to take photos . I'm pretty sure this is what heaven looks like (the pink sky, not nick on the patio).

The next morning nick got up super early to fish, and took this photo (which I love) with his phone.

And then we spent all day taking wedding photos, with you know real cameras. (will be on the millerellis blog soon!) but here's a GoPro snap:

The next morning we got up super early and drove home. But made sure to stop at the bridal veil falls first. 

These faces are what I like to call "wedding hangover" faces. And we didn't even drink! 10 hours of shooting in the hot sun causes those faces:)

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  1. looks like a fun trip!! I've never been to Manitoulin but I went to Tobermory once and loved it, so pretty. Clearly I need to ravel more.
    how pretty are those falls?!
    Also, I've missed your blogs AND the first line of this reminded me of Annabelle. Her new favourite thing to stay is "that's not good" hahaha

    1. The island is fun - you should go sometime when kids are older. (long drive with littles). LOL, I'm glad my 35 year old self reminds you of your little one. I need to brush up on my writing skills I guess?

  2. Beer is a perfect substitute for water! Welcome back to blogland, I missed you. I have been super envious of your travel pictures on insta....looks like you had a wonderful time!

    1. I think so too! And thanks - I missed you guys too! Now to catch up reading everyones blog - Guess I know what I'm doing the next few nights !


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