Day 1

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I had no idea what to title this post. I had mentioned on Tuesday that I was going to start documenting my weight loss journey here. 

So here goes: 
I had my first round of appointments yesterday in Toronto.  

First I got to meet with nurse ( who was super nice ) and go over my health history and weight history. My blood pressure isn't the greatest so that's something but other than that everthing was great. 

Next up kinesiologist She weighed me did my measurements, body fat and waist to hip ratio. Also told me my BMI. All very humbling, to say the least. 

Next we talked goals. So I figured I would list them here: 
  • stay healthy and be around for my kids 
  • get more energy to play with said kids 
  • be able to walk to 3rd floor of my office building with out panting like a dog. Seriously  it's a problem lol
  • buy clothing at a non plus size store. 
  • get off blood pressure meds. 

I have no plans on being 125 pounds. I don't even care what my weight is. I would just like my BMI lower and to not use an extender seatbelt when flying. Simple things yall. 

So what is the program I'm doing ? Basically it spans 2 years. It's medically supervised by doctors, nurses, social workers, nutritionists and kinesiologists. For 26 weeks I will attend weekly sessions at the hospital. It's about an hours drive but I'm okay with that because it's dance party time in my car. Weeks 2-13 I'll be doing shakes only which have all the nutrients I will need. And then once I wean back onto food they teach us healthy habits. This is the basic version there is way more too it for me to possibly list here.  

Here's the thing. know what I'm supposed to eat. I know how to work out. This is basic stuff I already know. However my emotional eating habits are what I need to fix so they do cognitive behavioural therapy, I don't only stress eat I use food to celebrate, for fun times and out of habit. It's bad. So I'll give it all I've got and see how it goes. This program offers lots of benefits including cognitive behavioral therapy which I think is important to note because I could have had all the surgery I wanted but that wont fix my head. I need to fix the why first.

Anyhow - long boring post I realize, but I need to start somewhere. I'll be posting weekly starting April 12th once my program begins, until then I'll be trying to quit coffee and wine. Lord help me.

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  1. I love that you're taking this approach and sharing your journey. I'm sure on some level so many of us can relate. I'm guilty of using food/drink as a reaction to emotions (good or bad) too.
    Can't wait to follow along, might even learn something 😉

  2. Thank you! I'm mainly using my blog so this time next year I can read through them again (in my new healthy body) and remind myself of what I accomplished LOL

  3. You sound so inspiring! I'm sure you will be great example for another people. I believe in you!

  4. This is so inspiring. Go girl! That is an incredible commitment to health for you and your kids. You're awesome.

  5. Days 1 & 2 are already behind you. You are on your way to achieving your goals. I am an emotional eater as are so many of my friends. When something happens, often good as well as bad, I want to eat something! Not sure why but trying to be more aware of what's going on when it happens. Proud of you, sweets!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world. I can't wait to read all about it and cheer you on!! GO NICOLE!!! Loved that you said you didn't mind the party in the car!! I'd be right there jammin' with you!!

  7. You are taking the right approach my friend. Both my parents and MIL have had the surgery and all of them had to go to therapy and there was after surgery group stuff too, which I think was helpful. I'm so glad your doing it a different way, and are trying to get healthy and be healthy for your kids! We're here to cheer you along the way. You got this!

  8. This is something many people struggle with and I'm proud of you for taking this seriously and for setting those goals. Those are good ones! Maybe post them somewhere that will motivate you when you are tempted to slip?


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