Week 4

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Welcome - If you're new to my little weight loss journey - view other posts here

Before I get into how much I've lost let's talk about how much harder this week was. Wow. I was all cocky last week "this is so easy blah blah" basically I saw pizza everywhere I went. My god I want pizza.  I was cranky, hungry and just miserable. And then I realized I skipped fibre for 2 days. Once I started again I felt back to normal. So lesson learned. 

  • So to date I've lost 16lbs. I was hoping to be at 17 but I'll take it. I need to stop putting stupid pressure on myself. I'll get better I promise. But I'm really glad I don't own a scale because I would get obsessive.  Checking once a week is healthy. 

  • Anyways some notes on this week : 

  • I'm only losing weight in my face and waist

  • I'm sore daily from my work outs. They are pretty hard to get through but I get better each time I do one. I'm still on 21 day fix ( just videos not food) but my girl Kat is who I follow. Yay for modification. 

Also. Since I met my first goal last week I was supposed to get Kylie Jenner lipstick. Except it's sold out always. So I said eff it and went to sephora.  Got myself a new Kat Von D. It's pretty great. 

And if you are really bored for you let reading pleasure are a few diary entries from this past week : 

Friday. Today I had The afternoon off and it made me want to eat everything in the house. I find I do much better when I'm busy. when I'm sitting I just want to eat all the carbs even when I was out shopping all I saw was chips at dollarma. And I wanted them so bad.  Instead I fill  myself up on water tea and shakes. Lord help me I have 10 more weeks of this.  

Saturday. I had two photoshoots and decided to do leg day from 21 day fix. I almost vomited. I had sweat all over. I made excuse after excuse during the 30 min. It was awful. But I'll say one thing for autumn. The chessy crap she says works. If I only focus at the one 60 second exercise then it's easier. Don't think ahead. I guess that's the same with pounds. I read somewhere on my Instagram stalking that someone lost 1lb - 116 times. And that's so true. One lb at a time. 1 minute a time. On a related note I may never get out of the bath. 

Tuesday. It's our "Georgian week" at work and they have a staff BBQ  every year. It's not the greatest but free food is free food. So the sound of chicken on a bun and pasta salad sounds like heaven. And I'm missing out. And I know I want to be thinner more than 5 minutes of eating that good but omg just thinking about it is making my tummy hungry. I hate this. 

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  1. :( Good way to look at it, 1 pound at time. Also the working out gets better, just think, the more weight you lose the less you have to carry around the easier it will be to workout! :) You got this!

  2. You're doing amazing and those diary entries are too much! Any time I 'try' and steadily eat healthy I want to eat all the things. I think so many of us have an unhealthy association with food. I try looking at it more as fuel but then I'm like "no, I want EVERYTHING". Where am I going with this? You are doing something that is so frickin' hard and you're killing it. 16lbs is AMAZING!!

  3. Awesome work....I wouldn't be able to handle the cravings. Don't even get me started on Cheeseburgers.

  4. I love Kat. She is the best part of the 21 Day Fix. You are amazing and totally KILLING IT!

  5. I love your attitude! 1 pound at a time is such a great way to look at it. I tend to get overwhelmed by the big picture sometimes. And Kat is my favorite too. Great work!

  6. I follow Kat a lot, too. Especially on some of those crazy scissor kick sit-up deals. Yikes! My hubs and I are doing the 21 Day Fix workouts and trying to eat along the lines of the plan as closely as possible. This week my goal is to cook M-F. So far, so good. Super proud of your great weight loss. Well done, my friend.


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