Optifast Week 11

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Well, I’ve made it 10 weeks (11 classes) on the program and 9 weeks on shakes. 3 more to go!! I feel proud, less fat, more rested, more energetic and slightly (barley) less stressed.

After my weeks of hell, things have settled down a bit and knock on wood things have been fairly drama free.

I still feel like I have zero time in my life, I’m not sure if that will change since I have 4 kids, but if you’re a blog reader of mine you’ll have noticed I’ve only been blogging once a week. Something had to give, and well that was it for a while.

I will probably link up to Shaunacey’s grateful post next Monday because I really need to get my head in the game gratitude wise.

I also need to clean my house, do some laundry, play with my kids and edit some weddings. AHHHHHHHHH

Scale victory up to this week: 51.6lbs. – Finally broke that 50lb mark.

Non Scale Victories: Blood pressure is down. I can work out now without dying. I’m starting to follow Kat less and less on 21 day fix. I tried on some dresses I couldn’t even get on before and they fit. All of my before pants/shorts fall off. I’m sleeping WAYYYY better. I have less headaches, skin has cleared up and I think that’s it.

Some days I feel awesome and think, wow I can really notice it. Some days I feel super fat and flabby and think, I’ve lost 50 effing pounds, why am I still so fat.

Umm, cause you have a lot of weight to lose Nicole. Duh. It will come off slowly but surely.

Some days I dream about eating my way through a land of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Other days I want to wear a bathing suit without being embarrassed about my upper thighs and tummy.

This week in class we learned about our food transition that is coming up in 3 weeks. And what our plates will look like, I’m not going to get into that right now because well, I don’t want to talk about food anymore (damn you mashed potatoes) but when we start food I’ll post what I’m eating, and our portion sizes and mix of food. The biggest thing I learned was not to be afraid of carbs. We all had it in our head that carbs are the devil, but it’s a very balanced meal plan and it includes carbs.

And that’s really all there is. Oh, except I hit that goal of 50, so that means new clothing, but I really don’t like that one and I want a fit bit, so I think I’ll get that instead.

Some people have asked what my work outs are so I figured I would post my schedule (it changes sometimes but this is average)

Monday – 21 day fix total Body Cardio or Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20

Tuesday – 21 day fix upper body

Wednesday – Zumba

Thursday – 21 day fix lower body

Friday – Cize or 21 day fix cardio fix

Saturday – Sometimes Zumba (depends if I have a wedding or not and how early it is) OR 21 day fix Dirty 30

Sunday – 21 day fix yoga, or a cardio if I’m up for it.

Everything is around 30 minutes long, except Zumba which is about an hour. Because I’m only on 900 cal a day this is all I can handle like physically.  I’m busy. I have 2 basically full time jobs. 4 kids. I drive to the city every Tuesday for class. I have a house to take care of (though I have help) and man I should probably pay attention too. And I make time for 30 minutes every day. Yesterday my family was watching something on tv and I didn’t want to take it over, so I put my 21 day fix upper body on my app on my phone and did the entire thing in my kitchen. I used to be the queen of excuses, but have none now!

Okay I think that's all I wanted to say this week.

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  1. Love your honesty and this is super inspiring and makes me want to work out more

  2. Love this, you are doing so great, I am so stinkin' proud of you! I need to take advice from you, no more excuses!

  3. You are incredible. We have the same thought processes. I think you are amazing. Did I say that already? Go girl go.

  4. I am so impressed! You have a lot of will power - and you are doing great! It has be difficult at times. Expect great things - you deserve it!

    Daily Style Finds

  5. okay I swear I took a lot away from this but right now I'm wanting mashed potatoes and gravy ya jerk lol
    I am seriously so proud of you, I know I say that every week but I truly am. Just think how far you've come in really such a short period of time.
    I'm so curious about the transition to food and I can't wait to see what that looks like. I struggle with food sometimes too (because I want ALL the things).
    GET a fit bit!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine (I got the HR Charge) and it really will make you kick up your activity a notch purely for competition. Plus, it's fun! AND then you can add me and Deena and Christy as friends!!!!! I mean, do you need any other reason? No, go get one now. Plus, you're going to need to buy clothes after you lose more weight anyways!!

  6. Yay for breaking the 50 lb milestone.


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