Week 2

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sooo….black coffee sucks. Man oh man, I wanted spit that coffee back out. And all I kept thinking was “push through, you can do this. You’re a hard core coffee drinker, don’t disappoint”. I drank it, and hated it. A friend told it will take about a week to get used to. So I’m really looking forward to next week.

By 11am the first day on shakes I started to feel a bit lightheaded. Not sure if it’s all in my head, but that’s how I felt. I got an apple cinnamon tea at Tim Hortons and it seemed to help.

So to re-cap this week’s meeting:

1.       I was down 1.9lbs this week, for a total of 4.9 lbs.
2.       I was less anxious about group sharing
3.       I had a beyonce dance party in my car on the drive down. I’ve completely choregographed a dance to Run the world (girls). I fully intend on performing it to you all once I get down to what ever goal weight the doctors tell me I need to be at. #hopeyouarereadyforthisjelly
4.       I’m overwhelmed by the ‘recipes’ of things I can add to my shakes to make them not so boring. I think for now I’ll stick with just shakes until bordom really sets in, because I don’t need any more anxiety.
5.       I’m really worried about what I might say or do to close family or friends the next week or so while I’m detoxing.
6.       I totally crushed a big mac as my last meal, and have zero regrets
7.       I’ve taken soo many before photos, so I cannot wait to get to my ‘during’ photos once I start seeing changes.

I went to David’s Tea today to get something flavourful to pass these hunger cravings. It’s hard to find a tea there that’s yummy and zero calories, but I managed. I got the spice is right, and Cinnamon Rooibos. But then had to get a ball steeper thing and of course the just right spoon. There goes $40. I’m all set for work now though! But while at the mall, I so badly wanted to hit the food court. I didn’t obviously but I kept thinking to myself no Nicole, there are things I want more, then 5 minutes of stuffing my face, so I figured I’d list them here:

Things I want more than food:
-          To be able to buy something from Victoria Secret. That isn’t a hand cream.
-          To wear a pretty bra
-          A waist
-          To not have people ask me how many months I am (this is my fave)
-          To not have to ask for a seatbelt extender while flying
-          To not have skinny bitches look me up and down
-          To be confident and not embarrassed while posting blog photos of myself
-          To have sex with the lights on. (TMI? I don’t care)
-          To be able to cross my legs.

So next time I walk through the mall and smell that stupid popcorn, or see the NY fries, I will say to myself, I want things more than I want that food. And then, I will drink some water. Or my very expensive Davids Tea.

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  1. Aw, I just adore you so much already and I haven't met you yet. Cheerleader #1 right here, totally getting inspired by you. Also- we should talk. Want to do our family pictures in August when I'm in T.Dizzle?

  2. YES!!!!!!!!! So much yes. Fb me!

  3. You can do it! I forget if you mentioned (or maybe I missed the post) what plan you are following?? I'm attempting to lose some weight right now too and yes, black coffee is no fun. I've started putting a tiny bit of unsweetened almond milk in mine. Is that something you can have? It's certainly not as good a delicious sweetener (oh how I miss thee) but it helps!

    1. It's an optifast plan. 4 shakes per day and 2 cups of veggies. I can have black coffee or Tea only and water or club soda. Super Exciting lol

  4. I switched to black coffee when I found out Oliver was allergic to dairy... I'm back on dairy and still like my coffee black ;) there's hope!

  5. You got this lady! I know the first couple weeks are hard, but you are one determined lady! I can't wait to cheer you along with journey. You got this!

    1. P.S. I think coffee tastes like dirt, even with stuff in it.


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