July in numbers.

Monday, August 01, 2016

I've been so far up my own a$$ these days I have only been blogging about my weight loss which had been rather boring. For me anyways. But it's been a very busy summer. 

I'm linking up with Deena again for her month in numbers :) 

Here is July in numbers. 

1 Rainey Canada day. But we still celebrated at my parents with food I didn't eat ( except veggies )

1 day at promenade days. Which is where they shut down the Main Street in my city and have vendors and entertainment. A fair. And of course lots of food I couldn't eat. 

The above photo is of Madison's boyfriend Kasey. He's a busker and he's good. Love him !

More then 9 selfies taken because I'm that girl but I'll save the weigh loss ones for my other posts. 

2 - number of fish Nevaeh caught in 5 minutes out on the lake with nick :)

5 - number of hours spent at the hot springs in blue mountain.  Only photo I have cause no phones allowed !

950- the number of pokeymon nick caught with the kids. 

2300- roughly the number of deliveries of courses at the Barrie campus of Georgian College I scheduled. 

3.5 - hours it took for my hair to get done. Pretty new hair !

Spent another long weekend in Muskoka 
And brought my niece. In case you are wondering where the other kids are they are out east with their dad :)

I'm excited to see what August brings ! I have vacation and hopefully boots and hearts this weekend :)

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  1. Someday I will visit different parts of Ontario- I seem to get stuck in Toronto, at a Jays game..which is also pretty fine to me. But I like that sound of that Muskoka place. Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a great month, and holy heck 2300 courses delivered..that's a LOT! Pretty hair lady!

  3. Love those Cananda D'eh shirts, so punny. ;) And the lake looks heavenly!

  4. Going to a fair and not eating the foot would be so hard for me. I am constantly in awe of you!

  5. What a month! Lots of good times. My mouth is watering over the veggie shish kabobs which I just discovered I spell all wrong...shish kebab. Ha! Hope you enjoy boots and hearts.


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