It's been a while !

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


I'm Nicole. You may remember me from when I use to blog often. 
 This is me in case you forgot : 

Yes I always walk around with a camera in my face like that. 

Truth be told I've avoided blogging. Instagram is so much easier for me. I was juggling too many balls ( 2 jobs, kids, working out, having a life ) and something had to give. Blogging was it. But it's something I enjoy and love looking back through so I want to try and keep it up. 

The thing I missed most was my blog friends.  The ladies from the blended blog. How nice was it when I opened up my mail at Christmas time I received a Christmas card from each of them? Love that they didn't forget me when I fell off the earth. I can't wait to meet them in May!!

It's my "downtime" from weddings now so I have some extra time in the evenings I'll be spending back on blogging. That and finishing Greys anatomy on Netflix.

So what's new with me ?

- I have one kid graduating grade 12 this year. 
- and another one graduating grade 8. Crazy. 
- Abby just turned 14 and Mimi just turned 12. I'm getting old and have gray hairs to prove it. 

- on the weight loss front : 
Well as of this morning I'm down 129lbs .  If you follow me on Instagram you will realize that at the beginning of December I was down 128. So why only 1 lb in 2 months ? Lol.  


December was a shit show. I had more booze than I normally do. I ate my weight in mashed potatoes and baked good over christmas and drank baileys in my coffee everyday.  I gained like 10lbs. And then Jan 1 st came and I got back to work and lost it. Just in time to go to Cuba and gain 12 which I've just finished losing and am down 1 extra lb. And I'm happy with this. I enjoyed my holiday and my vacation and I now know I'm capable of getting back on the wagon. 

I sent this photo comparison to Tanya and my sister today as I'm planning on taking photos in my kids messy room on the 1st of every month. I'm not posting this on Insta yet ( want to wait for a few months ) but figured I would share here with my huge following ( insert laughter ) 

This is Jan 1st & Feb 1st. 10lbs down. 

Yes my kid is a slob. But more importantly you can kinda see a difference In my waist. And I see a difference in my thighs. I've been lifting heavier weights and squatting like cray and it is starting to shape my legs a bit under all that skin.  

And in case you forgot where I started here's a 9 month compare:

Yup. That was my tummy. I can't even. 

I'm eating around 1700-1900 calories a day right now and doing a lot of weight training. Both at boot camp of my on demand videos. And Zumba 2-3 times per week. 

Some of my goals: 

- get my body fat % under 30. 25 would be fab but I'll take 27 lol 

- get to a size 10. 

- no weight goal really. 

- run a 5k this year at some point. 

- get nick to do body beast. He's almost convinced. So close! 

-I'd like to look hot for the kids graduations. You know the hot mom. The younger mom. I'm so going to hell for that comment right ?!

So I think I'll start back to blogging slowly. Who has link ups I can join in on ? Comment below. Also if you have fitness goals this year I'd love to hear them. 

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  1. You look amazing! Gaining and losing so much two months in a row, shows that you've changed and the program works! You got this!

  2. Howdy! So glad to see you back :). I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you inspire me. Almost on a daily basis. When I don't want to work out, I think of you, and I get my butt going. Cannot wait for May!

  3. So nice to have you back and I can't wait to see you in May!

  4. So happy to see you back blogging! You look absolutely amazing.

  5. you ARE the hot mom!! Are you kidding me? You kick ass, seriously.

  6. you are so fun! and kicking ass in the weight department!! I just found your blog in the blended loop and it's great! I need to start blogging again...but I suck and life is crazy...maybe one day but like you IG is faster and easier!
    have a great week!


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