April Showers bring May Flowers Blog Hop

Monday, May 01, 2017

Today I'm part of the May Flowers blog hop with the Blended Blog ladies. You've probably already visited Sarah, Andrea and Carrie -so welcome.

So, with the prompt "May Flowers" I have no idea what direction everyone else is going? They could be talking about actual flowers, which in my neck of the woods won't be happening for another month or so. Plus I have a black thumb, so my take is spring florals - fashion wise. Hoping this is okay!

It felt like a very long winter here in Ontario - so when the first signs of spring appeared I was ALL OVER the floral prints. Perhaps a bit to early even, but whatever - I'm a rebel.

On a side note my husband hates floral (is this just my husband? ) and would like me to wear graphic T's and ripped jeans on the daily but obviously that's not happening.

The first floral items of the season I tend to break out are scarves. There is something so exciting about putting away all my winter/fall scarves and busting out the spring colours .

In February it was miserable weather so I ordered some floral blouses to brighten up my wardrobe. Of course from Old Navy because, well 75% of my wardrobe is from there because I'm cheap.

1. Floral Tank:

I love this tank. For Canadians, it's no longer online, but I've seen it in stores still. I've worn it with a jean jacket, the striped blazer (above) and pink and olive green cardi's. It's adorable and flows nicely.

2. Floral Blouse - 3/4 length Sleeves

Every time I wear this blouse I get compliments on it. And I think I paid 19 bucks for it. I love that this is flowy, but for those with larger chests it may not work (sadly I'm VERY lacking in that department).  I usually pair it with blue jeans, but tried with my white boyfriend jeans the other day and really liked the look.

Floral dresses are my guilty pleasure, and I'm slowly building up a collection again. Here are a few of my faves in store (and what I've worn).

From Left to Right:

Dynamite Dress - It's no longer in stores, I bought it early April and LOVE that I can shop in this store now. Its a shirt/wrap dress and pretty adorable. I'll have to get better photos of me wearing it because it's that cute.

Urban Planet Dress - This dress is short, so at work I wear it with leggings. Also my kid steels it often.

Reitmans Dress - this was my first 'non plus size' purchase last year, and I cried when I bought it. I wore it a lot during wedding season last year, and had to get it taken in to wear to Cuba in January as I'm now a medium/large and I bought it in XXL. I LOVE this dress

This bomber jacket took me a lot of courage to wear and I ended up loving it. It's from H&M and my teenagers try to steal it daily. (the other people in this photo are my friends from work, we all did the GYPO style challenge this spring and we had fun with our photoshoots:)

That's it for me. I'm excited to see everyone elses take on on May flowers, and see if it's clothing, accessories or actual real flowers (not here in ontario yet! LOL)

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  1. Floral at it's finest you hot mama!!! Love these looks, the stripe top with the floral jacket is my favorite!!! You look so cute in all of these!!! Can't wait to see your sweet face in person!!

  2. Florals look great on you! I am loving the floral trend lately, and I want to buy it all. That floral tank with the striped blazer looks AMAZING on you!

  3. You've got some great floral pieces! I have that same floral tank from Old Navy in blue. You've just inspired me to wear it with my navy and white striped blazer. Thank you!

  4. I love all of your floral pieces, Nicole. By the way, you look absolutely fabulous!

  5. You are not alone - my husband does not like florals either. He likes prints - just not flowers. I just have to say - you look amazing!!!

    Daily Style Finds

  6. You always have the best florals! But also graphic tees.


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