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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Before we ventured out with the kids today to look at Christmas Decor, I attempted to take some pics. Our original plan today was to take our official Christmas pictures, and I had bought their dresses months ago, but my stupid dog ate (yes ate) Abbys dress yesterday so I put that plan on hold until I can figure out what to dress them in.

So I tried to get just one pic of them....

Try One

Mimi and Mady looking away. Mady not in focus. I'm a terrible photographer.

Try Two
still not the greatest. Mady still not in focus. What is wrong with me!? oh wait, I'm shooting at 1.8....DUH!!!!!!

Try Three

Okay this is funny for so many reasons. First, and most obvious, my dog who stepped in the pic at last minute has the funniest look on his face ever. Abby has eye issues, and Mady of course is not looking.

Try Four


Mady and Mimi gave up, so Merlin took their spot. Nevaeh looks thrilled

God help When I actually attempt Christmas Pictures.

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  1. That is hilarious! I kept laughing at the dog's face...lol

    A couple of years ago, I considered doing a Christmas card of all my "outtakes" because I didn't get a single decent picture.

    Oh, and I got the SB600. :) Any tips? I'm still trying to figure it out!

  2. tips? um no lol. I'm still trying to figure the SB900 out. Mines like a mini computer, is the SB600??

    I'm so hoping I dont have to do an outtake card this year.


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