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Sunday, November 29, 2009

For this weeks theme, there is no need for a face, just a bum - a clothed one at that.

I have a zillion ideas for nakey bum shots (keep your mind out of the gutter, my babies bums!)
But this one needs to covered up. I then thought of this cute shot I got during "Tutu's in the Park". Since some of our Tutu's only cover the fronts, it was hilarious watching these little girls running around with underwear showing. One of the moms actually asked for a pic, and this is it..


Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more cute Tooshies!

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  1. That is TOO cute! I love the innocence of little girls! Sweet tooshies!

  2. Oh my gosh. this is one of my favorites! It is PERFECT! Very, very sweet! I just adore it!

  3. OMG this is adorable. Love these tutu tooshies. LOL


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