Fall Transition: The Grey T-Shirt

Monday, September 28, 2015

It's blog hop day over at The Blended Blog! Today I'm joined by Christy and Joy and we're all talking about different ways to transition our summer wardrobe into fall!

I'm talking about the grey t-shirt. Until recently I was never really a t-shirt gal. Until I realized two things, the power of good quality basic pieces, and layering.

My grey boyfriend tee is one of my fave clothing items, year round. For summer, I'll wear with boyfriend jean shorts, or bright shorts, and just throw a necklace on and done. Easy! But for fall, I have 3 fave looks:

1. With Cardigan

Grey T shirt - with Cardi

Lucky Brand long sleeve top
63 CAD - luckybrand.com

Grey shirt
12 CAD - shein.com

H&m jeans
61 CAD - hm.com

Black bootie
130 CAD - toms.com

Hobo purse
67 CAD - smile.amazon.com

2. With Blazer- I often switch out the black pencil pants for skinny jeans on Fridays at work.

Grey T shirt with Blazer

Grey shirt
12 CAD - shein.com

Maurices blazer
59 CAD - maurices.com

Old Navy flat front pants
40 CAD - oldnavy.gap.com

Lena Luisa special occasion shoes
20 CAD - zulily.com

Panacea tassle necklace
51 CAD - lordandtaylor.com

3. Alone, with scarf. ( I own ever piece below and LOVE This look)
Grey T shirt blanket scarf

Summer shirt
12 CAD - shein.com

Old Navy skinny jeans
25 CAD - oldnavy.gap.com

Torrid cowgirl boots
93 CAD - torrid.com

Plaid blanket scarf
40 CAD - etsy.com

How do you wear your grey t-shirt? I'd love to hear below!

Make sure you head on over to  Christy's blog next (and if you didn't come here from Joy's blog, click here!)

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  1. I loove that plaid scarf...actually, I love that entire outfit. Well done!

  2. LOVE all three looks!! I'm loving these posts because they totally inspire me to use some of my clothes differently!

    1. Me too. I totally rocked your maxi into fall look the other day:) I Even have the earrings !

  3. That plaid scarf is my favorite look. I just ordered a new scarf from Asos - and I can't wait to wear it - and I might copy this look.

    Daily Style Finds

  4. Bravo! I am so envious of those who can gracefully wear a blanket scarf. My 'girls' get in the way of heavy scarves and I wind up looking like I am wearing a down comforter around my neck rather than a simple blanket! Need to try the gray tee with a black blazer. Such a classic look. Thank you for some terrific inspiration, my friend.

    1. Welcome! And trust me took a bit to get used to the blanket scarf!!

  5. I'll take one of everything, thanks! :) You are fueling my shopping habit. Great picks!

  6. Stopping by from the BB hop! A grey tshirt is one of my favorite pieces - so versatile and easy to style! I love the third look with the blanket scarf - I'm always looking for easy ways to style mine and often find myself overcomplicating it. Your look is so simple - yet so adorable. Thanks for the tips!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes I tend to over complicate things too. Thank god for Pinterest and Polyvore. How did we live before that ?!

  7. I am absolutely in love with that scarf!!! Thanks for the great ideas. I didn't realize a grey tee was so versatile.

  8. I love Tshirts. Not only are they versatile but when you get them dirty they wash up so quickly and easily. I agree with the majority - that scarf is dynamite!

  9. I recently got a light grey AND a dark grey tee from Old Navy and I've been wearing them a TON! I love all your looks, especially the one with the blazer. I'm copying it!

  10. I have a bit of a gray addiction - it's such a great color to pair with everything. Such great looks here!


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