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Friday, September 11, 2015

Nev is my youngest daughter. She's my very spunky very opinionated 6 ( almost 7) year old. Since she was old enough to dress herself she's always picked out her own clothing and I get zero say I what she wears. She has her own fashion rules , almost always tucks or half tucks her shirts and can rock a maxi skirt like no other child I know. Most of my friends say I created that monster and I think there is some truth in that. I started the hashtag whatnevwears over a year ago and it's been fun to document her outfits. She HATES being seen in the same outfit twice so has to change it up often. Thank god for scarves as that helps her change up her outfits lol 

I'm going to start a new segment on my blog of whatnevwears and alsowhatnevrecommends. 

This week is all about the first week of school!  

First day: School girl outfit ( Walmart of all places ) 

 Here's her progression in fashion the lSt three school years :

Day 2 :

Jean jacket - gap
Leopard print dress - children's place
Booties - Payless

Day 3 
Shirt - stitches 
Boyfriend jeans - gap

Day 4

Skater dress - stitches. 

There you have it. Her first week of outfits. Next week she will talk about her face looks for back to school and some of her favourite purchases. And Mimi might pipe in too :)

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