Monday moments of gratitude- April 25th

Monday, April 25, 2016

These weekly link ups are really helping me put my life into perspective. Especially in the crazy that is my life it's nice to try and find something to be grateful for. Linking up with Shaunacey here.

This week: 

1. For a supportive man who has taken on cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping ( which he usually shops anyway ) because I can't eat food. It's hard for me to cook ( I nibble while cooking) so he's doing it all for me.  Now I won't say there hasn't been a pizza day, but he's doing pretty well.  All while he quit smoking on the same day I quit eating. It's intense in my house to say the least. 

2. Saturday's off! There won't be many of those soon and before I know it I'll be shooting back to back weddings all summer until November. So while I have Saturday's free it's nice to enjoy with mall dates with my girls!

3.  And this last one is completely random but I'm grateful for Costco. Because the cost of groceries for my family is insane even with me not eating so I'm very thankful for a place to buy in bulk. Lol lame I know but this place makes my heart happy. 

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  1. I love Costco too but not the busy of it...BUT we are getting a second one soon so that makes me happy too. Why is the produce always better at Costco?

  2. Oh Costco, how I love thee, and how I can go in for water, and come out with a leather jacket and no water...hehe (true story, it happened to us). Lots to be grateful for, and yay for the mall with the girls :)

  3. Costco is my life.
    Also, Yay for your hubby pulling through!!! Keeper!!!!
    I'm so proud of you lady, I can't imagine how challenging this is but you're killing it!!!

    Simply Shaunacey


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