2015 year in review

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

While I always do a year in review on my photography blog I've never done a personal one. So I'm quite excited to do one. This year has been a mixed bag of highs and lows for our family. While I'm

not super comfortable getting into the lows yet ( and really why dwell) I'll highlight the good times and set out some goals for 2016.

I'll break the year down into categories... To help me remember the year mainly - because I'm old.

This is a long post, and I'm sorry in advance.


This year was a pretty good year travel wise for me. Out of the country trips included Boston and Mexico. In province trips included Elliot lake, Manitoulin and Toronto.

I just realized I never blogged Elliot lake cottage trip with my parents, sister/bro-in-law and all of our kids. It was a super long drive, but so fun as a family trip. Can't wait to travel again with them all.

I know I included Toronto in my travel section, and really I was there a lot this year for weddings, or shopping and it's only 40 minutes away from me - I still considering a trip when staying over night. And while walking through the city with Nick who isn't there as often as I am it feels NYC ish. Just friendlier. I think we often take Toronto for granted, it's really a great city and it's sooo pretty in the winter. I keep bugging Nick to go back to New York, but we should really visit more of our pretty city. Plus our dollar sucks right now so no states shopping for me. boo!


Well, here's where the highs and lows category falls,but this year (and last) were great for me, and my kids because my sister is back in Barrie. She's my best friend and I love having her back up north, never mind in the same city! And our kids go to the same sitter so it's great. She's my favourite travel companion, and we don't ever run out of things to talk about. It's crazy.

Here's a cousins pic (we had this blown up for my mom and dad on canvas for Christmas and yes, mom cried).

Also - shout out to the Miller family we go to spend time with in Boston - so fun!! (that's us lol)


Totally unexpected, this was a year of concerts for me. And I loved it. I had only planned on Taylor Swift, and then Wayhome and Boots & Hearts were dropped in my lap. I'm not complaining. Oh, and technically Adele tickets for 2016 were purchased this year, so basically it's an epic year for concerts.

You can read about my festival times here.

TV shows. 

2015 was the year I found Scandal and Friday Night Lights. I'm behind, don't laugh. I'm a creature of habit, and watch things in a pattern. For instance, January (after my January 1st binge watch of all 3 LOTR extended versions) I start LOST. This will be my 8th time doing so. I'm not kidding. This year, I interrupted it to watch all of friends, because it came out on Netflix and screwed with my system. As I type this I realize I sound crazy and really boring, but people you need to remember I have 4 kids and don't leave my house except to drive one of them to karate or go to work.

Friday Night Lights gave me Tim Riggins, and I will forever love him. And also, now I love football. And totally get it. (not really but shh).

Scandal gave me dreams of one day having Olivia Popes bedroom. I'm hoping by March I'll have a full blog post on how I re-did my entire bedroom, on a budget, without my hubby knowing to look like hers. Please keep your fingers crossed for this.

and because he's pretty - here's a pic of riggs.

Friends who finally had babies that I can cuddle.

An old friend (like we're talking 26 years of friendship) and a newer one (uhh....7 ish years?) had babies this year. Jheanell always said she would have kids when Madison was old enough to babysit. Mady turned 16, and Jhenaell had a beautiful baby boy. I'm going to randomly show up to her house and cuddle him lots.

Ash and Lyss also had a boy who literally looks like a cabbage patch doll and I want to eat his face, and sometimes kiss him too much when I see him. I mean look at this kid. too cute.


Professionally this was a busy year for me. Even though I've cut back major-ly on Photography ( only Maternity, Family and Weddings for me), it was still very busy. Which is a good thing. Our wedding season was a long one (I'm shooting a new years wedding today!) but very diverse and kept it interesting.

My full time job a Georgian was insane this year. Our department had a lot of changes, and we did a crazy overhaul on processes, and even though Kristy and I didn't think we would survive, we did. There may have been a lot of wine, and beer, and more wine, but we did it. Go Team.

2016 goals:

- I should probably get out of the house more.
- I need to plan blog posts and really think about what I want to blog about instead of it just being me rambling once in a while. I need advice. Help.
- Read a book a month. I've seen people say a book a week, and really that's not happening in my life.  A book is way more manageable.
- Make time for friends. Wedding season is the WORST for me, and I get really selfish with my time. I need to make more time.
- Spend better quality time with the kids. Not just going going going, but do something. That's not just movie night - or driving to the next event.
- Monthly date nights for Nick and I. Because we all need a break from kids now and then.
- Sleep. More than 5 hours a night.
-Focus on my health.

I can't wait to see what everyone else's year re-caps look like (see links below!)

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  1. Adele tickets!!!??? 2016 will be epic for you if that's part of it! I'm jealous!
    Loved this post, by the way.

  2. I feel like I know you a little better after reading this post. I have always admired your photography. The photo of the cousins is truly tear worthy. I know your parents cherish it. Hope to see more of you in the coming year and get to know you even better! Happy new year.

  3. I agree with Leslie - you are such a talented photographer. I'm so glad to be getting to know you better through the blog world. Happy New Year! P.S. I want Olivia Pope's wardrobe :)

  4. Adele!! What?? So jealous!! And love me some tim riggins!! Happy new year!!

  5. I keep forgetting that you're Canadian, so when I saw that Boston was an "out of the country" trip at first I was confused. Haha! That's a gorgeous picture of the cousins! Well done! Those are some great goals you came up with! [Join the health challenge!!!!] Loved this post! I felt like I've gotten to know you a bit better!

    ~Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

  6. So much to comment on! Adele tickets, so jealous! OH and I hear T.Swift in person is awesome. That picture of the cousins would make me cry too! LOL to OP room and I want her wardrobe...well I guess really her coats, because really that's all we see, haha. But still, love her! Happy New Year Friend!

  7. wee bit jealous of all your concert-going!
    love your goals! I need to copy a few!
    here's to a wonderful 2016!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy


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