December - Month in Numbers

Monday, January 04, 2016

My December in numbers - Today I'm linking up with Deena from Shoes to Shiraz for her monthly in numbers posts.


1 – hole in my ceiling. Yup, it’s been fun times here at my house. Our shower leaked upstairs, and we had to cut a giant hole in the ceiling. We’ve got the pluming re-done (nick is handy), but I need a good contractor to help with the drywall ceiling – any recommends?


12 – the number of family’s we had at our last mini session of the year. It was like 10 degrees the first weekend in December – so at least it was warm while we were outside shooting!


10 – it was our 10 year anniversary Dec 2nd. We celebrated with a weekend away to Toronto. We went to the Toronto Christmas Market, Nathan Philips Square, and then just walked around downtown. Had dinner at the pickle barrel and then hung out at the Chelsea Hotel. It was lovely. We also did some Christmas shopping at the Eaton Centre, Yorkdale Mall, Orfus Road, Vaughan Mills and Upper Canada Mall on the way home. I’m lucky to have a man who likes to shop.



1 – elf on the shelf. And  she was very boring this year. The only good thing she did was bake some cookies. Otherwise she randomly showed up in spots around the house and did nothing.


82 – the age of my grandmother on her bday – and Nevaeh helped her blow out the candles againJ




1 – the age of my niece Claire. She smashed some cake and had a very nice birthday party filled with like 40 people at my sister’s house. So fun.


3 – the number of days I participated in the 21 day style challenge. I failed. But honestly – who gets dressed over Christmas break? Not this girl. Yoga pants and leggings for me all the days.


2 – number of days I wore my new Christmas sweater


5 – new black stripes on Nevaehs bedroom. We’re currently in the process of re-doing her bedroom. It was two shades of pink for years and now she has a vision. Once we’re done the entire room, I’ll post a blog on it.


4 – number of hours nick slept on my sisters couch Christmas day.
10- the number of hours worked on new years eve - so much fun at this wedding!

1 - pic I got of the kids (only 2 of them) in their animal onesie. I totally goofed and didn't get Mimi in hers :(


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  1. OH i love these posts. Doing mine for tomorrow. Love your Christmas sweater! And Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Great post, love having a peak into your creative world.


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