What I wore this week.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

I've been avoiding my blog. I even deleted the app from my phone because it's giving me anxiety. Needless to say I'm super busy this fall with a lot on my plate and don't have much time for anything. It's terrible. The blended blog ladies are doing a fall style series ( and I'm so out of the loop because of life that I didn't get my life in order to join in ) but I'll link up with them instead. But make sure to check them out !!

But enough about that. I got dressed in clothing this week. That fits ! What?!

After losing some weight I had to buy an entire new wardrobe. And figured Alison's style challenge would be a quick easy cheaper ( ha!) way of doing so. 

Last time I did a style challenge with her I was a size 26 or 3x. Now I'm a ladies large and 16. Yay ! And now instead of awkward selfie shots I make other people take full body photos of what I'm wearing. 

Progress people. 

So what I wore this week:

Sunday - not a style challenge day but this outfit made me laugh. I was shooting mini sessions in the cold. 

The joggers are from the gap and the best things ever. Plaid shirt old navy. Duck boots Payless. ( I'm cheap)

Monday - day one of the style challenge !
Loved this outfit. Though I look jay Leno ish on the right. Why is my face so long ?!

I only wore this outfit for half a day cause then I went to Adele and had to dress up. 

Blouse - torrid
Jeans - old navy 
Boots - Payless
Hat - forever 21 

Tuesday - day 2 ( also I'm hungover here )
I would never think to put these colours together ever. Also my toms are filthy. 
Blouse - reitmans
Pants - pixie old navy
Shoes - toms
Bracelets- forever 21
Bag- justfab 
Watch - reitmans 

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  1. I LOVE your Adele outfit. Like LOVE. Gorgeous gal!

  2. Glad to see your beautiful, smiling face !

  3. All great versatile mom looks for Fall. I love the one with the layers. The olive and navy look great together!

    Welcome by and linkup with me this week. A new linkup is live every Thursday. Thanks, Ada. =)


    Enjoy the weekend!!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love everything and you look amazing! Super jealous about Adele - we were out of town when she came to Seattle. Have a great weekend!


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