Friday, December 18, 2009

No matter how much I bitch and complain about driving the kids to dance (multiple times per week) it's very rewarding to watch their recitals. And they're so proud when they come off stage.

Leading up to recitals, I'm usually a basket case, trying to get everything done. Costumes ready, driving to rehearsals, hair/make-up etc etc. This year I did pretty good, except one of my children had a wardrobe malfunction. Which I can now laugh about, but it was hard to watch at the time. Can you pick out which one gave them a good show? (Side note - the girls don't have costumes in this Recital because it's only the Christmas show - they get the fancy frilly stuff in May)

Here's Mimi (she starts out in the middle) She's taking Ballet this year.

Here's Abby, She's taking Acro this year...

Madison is taking hip hop ...shes in the brown hat....a head of the game

and jazz this year. She likes hip hop better, because she knows the songs. I'm a bad mother and didn't record her Jazz number for some reason?! Nevaeh was screaming at the point.

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