She's going to walk soon....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Picture Courtesy of Tanya Ellis....Crap edit by moi

...and typically I usually dread when they start walking. Because they never just walk. They running shortly follows, which means I'm running after them.

But with this little monster, I'm counting minutes till she walks. She's hell on wheels crawling and gets into so much trouble!! I have it in my head (and just go along with me on this one) that she'll get into less trouble once she's walking cause she'll have other thing to occupy her self with.

Plus, she'll look so darn cute in her new boots I got her walking around. No I'm not materialistic whatsoever.

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  1. Of course she will! (bwahahaha).

    Aah - isn't it funny how you forget?

    Me? I forgot really important stuff with No3, like how to potty train, how to estabish a routine, how to get them to EAT :)

  2. She's adorable! Looks alot like you!


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