Optifast. Week 15

Friday, July 22, 2016

I forgot to blog this week. It's been hectic !

So let's re cap. I've completed 14 weeks of the program.  12 of which were shakes and now I just finished my first week with meals. 

My first week of meals looked like 3 shakes per day with one meal of protein and  veggies. And I felt sick for half of it. Takes a bit for your body to digest protein properly. And wow could I feel it. I'm now a lover of fish which has never happened before but it's so much easier to digest. 

This week we started havingn 2 shakes and 2 Meals plus one snack. This is tricky and involves carbs and lots of planning. But that's okay. Nick had started to. Clean up his eating which is nice for me. And actually started 21 day fix extreme with me!! 

I also laid out some new goals here :
I like to treat myself. 

My 60lb goal was spa day and that finally happened yesterday. It was heaven. Couldn't bring our phones into the spa so I locked mine away in our locker but my sister snuck hers in and I took this pic of me relaxing after a couple of dips on the baths. 

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  1. I know I say it every time you do an update post, but you're amazing! I'm so impressed with your discipline and your little (or big) rewards for meeting your goals. I can't wait to see how far you go!

  2. I am so impressed and inspired and loving your documentation of this. Also love the rewards.

  3. Yay! You are doing so good, so happy you are documenting this, and you girls are rebels sneaking in a phone :) So where you going on your trip?

  4. Glad if the girls snuck in a phone it was to capture a pic of you doing some well deserved R&R. What an incredible journey this has been for you and for those of us cheering you on. You are an inspiration.


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