Optifast week 13

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

ONE WEEK LEFT TILL I CHEW STUFF. Well lets be real, I’ve eaten some veggies, but c’mon it’s not the same as protein. And this girl is craving some protein. I’m so effing excited.


I had a good week this week, though the long weekend was very difficult. I associate long weekends with food and booze, and while others I was around enjoyed those things, I did not. I just enjoyed their company instead.


Man do I miss beer.


But I digress, I made it through, and still haven’t cheated. I have goals ya’ll.


We’ve been learning in class about meal prepping, and what we will be eating, and so because I only have one week I’ll chat about that a bit.


Transition Week 1 –


3 shakes, 1 meal of 3oz of protein and 2 cups veggies.


Pretty basic. And easy – and I’m excited. 


Transition Week 2 & 3


Shit gets crazy. Basically it’s 2 shakes, and 2 meals, and I’m allowed a bit more variety in foods. Once I wrap my head around what I can eat, and once I have a meal plan, I will let ya’ll know. Plus I’m sure I’ll take pictures of meal prepping on Sunday July 17th lol cause that’s when I’ll be prepping food I can’t eat for a few days (life is so unfair).


I ordered these containers to make meal prep easier. The number one thing they teach us ( and I totally agree with ) is that you need to be prepared to be successful.










It’s so true. How often do I ‘forget’ a lunch and have to buy one, or get lazy with dinner. Or am out and need to grab something quickly. I’m going to have calendars and spreadsheets of all of my meals, and schedule in ‘date nights’ or ‘lunches’ once in a while (because you have to live) but I’ll know exactly when that is happening how much food I can have, and what I can have


This terrifies me guys. Cause I really want chips/dip/wine and Netflix.


In other news, trying to make a better me, I’ve decided I need to read 30 minutes a day. And turn off my phone and just read. This is easier said than done, but if I only watch one tv show per night it can happen. And will distract me from night time eating hopefully. Tea perhaps? Not in this heat. 

In other other news I finished my 21 day fix ( second round ). I realize I bastardized it a bit throwing Zumba in there instead of cardio fix  Or Pilates fix some days but who cares. I'm a rule breaker.  I lost 16 lbs and 7.8 inches total in 21 days. I'm glad i actually did measurements and weight this time. Woot ! The next challenge starts next week and I think my sister are going to try p90x3 - lord help me. I'm gearing up to try 22 min hard corps for September. I'm trying to sucker people into doing it with me. Everyone I know who's done it has seen some crazy results from that one and I like 22 minute work outs. Especially at back to school time when life is crazy and I want to hybernate. 

Anyway I think that’s all I have for now. Boring post I realize. 




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  1. Not a boring post at all! Totally interesting, and because of you, I started the 21 day fix too with Mr. Meal prepped all Sunday! It was a beast of a chore, but I got it done and it's so nice having everything done for the week! You are awesome! :) Real food, woo hoo!

  2. Here you go...next big step but you are ready and you can do this. Congratulations on this new chapter and your wonderful progress.


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