Summertime Photo Tips

Monday, June 26, 2017

Welcome! Hopefully you're visiting from The Blended Blog - but if not, make sure you go check out my post there for my Summer Photo Tips!

I already rambled on a lot over there, but here I just wanted to share some fun summer photos I've taken over the years.  I want to reiterate that light is everything for clean crisp photos! 

First here`s a photo from yesterday at a wedding Tanya and I photographed. The photo on the right is is me (Tanya testing the light). We`re standing behind the tent in a not very photo worthy area, but the light was pretty so we figured we`d just crop in. I wish I took a photo with my cell phone to show you what the ground looked like. Not pretty. Any who - Here`s me, and then the quick shot of the bride and groom we got. Pretty right??

And here are my other fun summer photos - taken with my cell phone, Nikon or goPro.

Head over to Sarah's blog to see what tips she has!

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  1. I need SO much photography help. Starting with a better camera. Your pictures are amazing.

  2. Please do a post on manual mode! I know the basics, but can't seem to make the jump.


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