May in Review

Monday, June 05, 2017

These are my favourite posts. My monthly re-cap where I link up with Deena (and EEEK I KNOW HER NOW, and we like text in real life) it's like knowing a famous person for reals guys.

Anyways, I like doing this month in review, makes me count my blessings and such.

here's my May in numbers:

37 - years in which I have been alive. My Birthday was on the 6th of May, and I celebrated with my Boot Camp ladies as well as the best friends a girl could ask for from work. These are my people.

4 - kids that call me Mom and celebrated with me on Mothers Day. Scary to think I've had 17 (almost 18) of these. The cutest thing ever was Nevaeh making me Coffee by herself. She was so proud.

1 - Very wet prom my daughter attended. I loved spending the afternoon with her getting her make-up and hair done. I wasn't fully prepared for how emotional I would be (and how much I would have to drink afterwards because of it - yikes!).

2 - weddings I photographed  in May - Wedding season is upon us folks!

2 - rained out mini sessions - this weather we've been having sucks

1 - book I read (well listened too).

10- girls I met on May 24 Weekend when the Blended Blog ladies came to Toronto , which you can read about here or here.

$3948309 - dollars I spent at Sephora

8 - number of dresses I purchased last month

16 - Pounds I gained

8 - Pounds I lost (almost gone guys!)

3 - cousins who played at Black Creek Pioneer Village on the Monday of the long weekend. We love this place.

1 - Snuggle up and read event at the kids school. Abby acted out Get out of bed and did amazing.

2 /4 - kids photos done! yay. 2 more to go.

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  1. Your girls are so beautiful just like their mama!! The Pioneer Village looks so fun! I'd say May was a pretty grand month!!!!

  2. bahahahahha, like knowing a famous person...I could say the same about finally getting to know you. I absolutely adore you and am so glad to have you and your cussiness in my life.

  3. Love reading about your month Nicole! Those cookies are awesome. You should get Nick to make a shirt for you with that saying.

  4. gorgeous kiddos! YAY for listening to your first book (of many, I'm sure). Great month (mostly because we got to hang)

  5. I feel like I know famous people too after Toronto :)! May was a great month because I got to meet you! Your daughters are gorgeous.

  6. Aww, I love all the pictures that you're taking of the kids. Wish you lived closer to me to take our family pictures! Want to travel to see us? hehe. I think I might have to jump on that book listening wagon.


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