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Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm off my blogging hiatus, linking up with the Blended Blog ( you've probably been to Sarah's page already and if so welcome!) and talking about School Food.

I'll start with I hate making lunches. I love love love routine, but making lunches every night just drives me nuts. So I keep easy food around the house so kids can grab things easily and put in their bags.

First off, I try and only let them have one junk snack each day. And by junk I mean Bear Paws Banana Bread LOL

The last few years Nevaeh was using a planet box and I loved it, but she outgrew it, and ate too much for what it fit, but here's what her lunches used to look like (she also got a yogurt tube)

Now that's shes a growing girl, we had to do away with the planet box and it makes me so sad. For anyone with Kindergarten aged children I highly recommend them!!!

Sundays are my meal prep days, for both adults, and kids. I meant to take a photo of my entire grocery haul today from Costco, but here's the last box before I put it all in my car. If you're wondering what it costs to feed us and the kids weekly - don't ask. Just know that Costco is my friend.

Also, I'm lazy. Or very very busy, so I buy things like this which I shouldn't:

And also these thing below. Yes, I could save money by buying large containers of Hummus or Guac, and then putting them into smaller containers but honestly I just wouldn't do it. And I hate cleaning lunch dishes, and already have so many so these things below save my life.
This is an example of Nev's lunch. Minus the crackers, Bear Paw and apple she also brings. Oh, and water bottle. I pre-cut the meat (and duh, the cheese is already sliced) so kids can just throw it in containers. I pre-portion the carrots. And the hummus/guac are ready to go. I freeze all of the yogurt tubes too (not pictured below)

Even though it doesn't look like a ton of food, she comes home with something still. She's too busy to eat she says! ha. busy in grade 4....I wish I was too busy to eat!

If you haven't checked out Sarah's post, which I can tell you know is way better than this one, you should click here and check it out.

What do you feed your kids for school??  Let me know in comments or link up below!

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  1. I love those mini guacs for myself and also buy those cheese slices from Costco!

  2. haha, love those mini guacs and hummus from Costco! And I give Baby Fox three things in his lunch and he never finishes it, I wonder how he lives, haha!

  3. Your kids eat so healthy, I love it! Mine ate Peanut butter and jelly everyday for years, and I swear they still would if I made it for them!

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