Good Bye 2017

Monday, January 01, 2018

A look back at 2017. 

Travel: 2017 I traveled to Cuba. I had an awesome staycation in Toronto with people from all over North America that I only knew online. Had another staycstiok in Muskoka was with my sister and the kids. I went to Ottawa for the first time this year ! What a beautiful city ( and amazing drive in the fall!) And finally I flew alone to meet some of the blog girls I met in Toronto just to see Britney Spears I was in Vegas for less than 48 hours and it was amazing. 

Family wise: I had on graduate grade 8 and one graduate grade 12 and go to university. One who changed schools and one who nothing major happened to at all. Busy year to say the least. 

Friend Wise:
I’m an introvert who feels drained being around people for a long period of time. That being said I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone ( you know hanging out with strangers in different cities) but also just having friends period. My work friends keep me sane. They are also some of the nicest/weirdest people I’ve ever met. My workout friends ( who I haven’t seen in while- not good!!) are hilarious and push me and make me want to leave my house to actually work out even though I really want to hibernate.  And my blog friends who tolerate me when I drop off the face of the earth and don’t blog for months. 

Health:  I started the year off right from January until April I was on point with my nutrition and my workouts and with them probably the best shape of my life and then May and June I was a bit of a mess with travelling meeting a bunch of friends and two graduations I let myself eat feelings and stopped tracking.  July was spent trying to lose the 20 pounds I gained which I did but was miserable and starving and then binge eating reared its ugly head August and September super fun lots of family trips was working out a lot and then ran a 5K in October and was super proud of myself and then I took a trip to Ottawa for business and ate all the things again bingeing and then turned around and restricted and and then gave myself no carbs for the rest of October and most of November even when I went to Las Vegas. Which ends with me getting sick halfway through November and I’ve basically been eating since then and I mean binge eating probably more than 2500 cal a day and I can’t remember the last time I had a vegetable,  my skin is mess I’ve gained probably 30 some odd pounds and I’m pretty disappointed in myself. That all being said I have the tools to turn it around. And I will. I’ll blog more about that tomorrow ( goals for 2018) ......cause today is for family and couch snuggles. 

Happy New Year everyone

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  1. Good to see you back blogging again! Don't worry you can pick it up, everyone falls off the horse, just get back on and keep going. You got this friend! :) Loved meeting you and doing all the fun things.


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