BBQ Season!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Talking about barbecue Season today and linking up with the Blended Blog ladies! And honestly I was a little nervous I won’t even have a barbeque to do this blog LOL. We finally bought one last weekend after the last one broke ( my Mother’s Day gift ). I had planned it out so Nick would’ve put the barbeque together and I would get to take some really good pictures of us cooking and grilling.

This did not happen. But here’s a photo of us purchasing said barbeque. 

Fun times right? I wish I videotaped him putting it together but I took the kids out of the house for safety of their ears because I’m sure there’s a lot of cursing.

He has cooked on that thing every day since!  ( except one night he was lazy so ordered skip the dishes ) And I didn’t take a single photo. You think I would be a lot better at this since I’m a photographer. But I was too busy out and about taking photos of other people LOL

So for you Ontario folk here is my lazy mom hack to barbecuing in the summer

  1. Go to Sobey‘s
  2. Go to the meat section
  3. They have a barbeque ready section with little tin foil situations for veggies and meats ready to go
  4. Take them home ( make sure to pay for them first or it’s stealing !!)
  5. Barbeque and eat

Yes it’s more expensive. Yes I’m lazy. 

I don’t do this every day !(before my mother start sending me emails about how much money I’m wasting). I buy a lot of vegetables and a lot of meat at Costco and portioned it all out In freezer bags. I also buy those little tin foil veggie cooker tray things from Cosco and they are great for asparagus brussels sprouts peppers you name it. 

But I’m getting sick of the same old stuff and I need some barbeque ideas so I hope everybody linked up or leave a comment of something yummy I can change it up. 

Also. Yes I realize it’s been 6 months since my last post. Life threw me quite a few curve balls so far in 2018. I’m wrapping my head around it all and will be blogging this week on where I’m at physically, emotionally, spiritually ( what?!) and just how I am in general. 

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  1. AYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY so glad to hear your voice again. I miiiiissssed you.


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