Dear Nick

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am sorry for acting like a crazy lady last week. Turns out you were planning me a surprise birthday party, not cheating on me with a stupid ugly 20 year old. My bad.
I'm sorry that you had to sneak around trying to text my friends family because I was monitoring your every move.
I'm sorry the whole time we were in Toronto I freaked out everytime you looked at your phone.
I'm sorry about that time I woke you up at 3am.
In case you can't tell, Nick threw me a party, with a lil help from Becca & my mommy:) was a fab party and I was truly surprised. And then thouroughly embarrased for my behaviour the past week.
My bad.
Even though I was a bi-polar lady this week, we did have fun. He made it my best Birthday weekend ever.

Look how proud he is! I love him.
And I'm sorry xoxoxox :)
Ps. will post mothers day pics later this week....

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