Mothers Day

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day always falls on my Birthday weekend. Which super sucks for me. I'm sure it's similar to those who have birthdays close to Christmas.
And since this year Nick threw me a surprise party on the Saturday night, I had a feeling I'd be super hung over for Mothers Day. Turns out I got the hang over on the Monday so Mothers Day I was fine.
Ken dropped the girls off in the morning, and they all gave me the presents they made me..

Abbys present was wrapped in homemade wrapping paper...

and this was her gift to me..

gift from mimi...

and mady....


and the girls made me another hanging basket...

and mother nature brought us this....

Snow. On mothers day. What the heck??
I'd also like to thank my mommy who cooked us an amazing dinner on her mothers day for my birthday dinner. It was delish. Love you bunches xoxoxo


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