Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This past weekend marked the end of Dance. Thank goodness. I haven't blogged as much because in May we've had Dance 4 times per week, Guides, Sparks AND 3 girls in soccer. Plus I've had photoshoots, and lots and lots of them.

So, finally I can say good bye to dance. And after this week - Bye to Guides and Sparks until September. Yay!!

So this summer we will only have soccer, and then free up time to you know, clean. Or play. One or the other.

Here are the girls right before their recital:



Madison in her hip hop outfit/mentality - she had a different jazz outfit and didn't look so miserable when she had it on.
Yes, she's wearing a lot of make-up.

and them after ....job well done and very tired

I did video tape their dances, but for some reason Mimi's didn't work. The reason I haven't blogged this until now is because I feel sick to my tummy realizing her's wasn't recorded:(
But, the here are Mady's Hip Hop, Abby's Acro, and Mady's Jazz dances...Enjoy .We did. I'm so proud:)

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