Rainy Saturdays

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So apparently I'm blogging about once per week. This sucks compared to April when I blogged almost every day. I'm going to get back to it. I promise. Not sure who I'm promising, as I'm sure not to many people read this other than my family. But whatev:)

This past couple weeks has been insane. 3 weeks ago today Tanya and I hosted our Tutu's in the Park in Meaford, and well, since then I've been in Photoshop Hell. We've also had about 5 other shoots since then as well, so the 30 some odd Tutu sessions PLUS 5 other shoots = me not going to bed until about 1am each night. Full time jobs tend to get in the way of editing.

Jobs, plus the end of Dance for the girls, and the end of Guides/Sparks as well. Oh, plus the beginning of Soccer.

Who's idea was it to have 4 kids again?

Or right, mine.

So this morning, we got up with 2 girls (Madison is at Guides Camp and Abby is at Sparks Camp), and got ready for Mimi's first soccer game of the year. Got up early, made the girls a nice breakfast, got them showered and ready. Checked the Soccer website about 10983r48 times to see if it was cancelled due to rain.

Nope. Still on.

So....off we went. It was drizzling when we first got there....


Then I say - Come close I want to see your hair, and I take this terrible photo ....with bad cropping...ah well. I'm alowed to take a snap shot or...5






always stuck her tounge out while kicking....too cute


Then just as I get her to hold still and get a hair photo - the sky opens up, and DRENCHES us, so me being the good mother I am, ignore my children totally to ensure my camera is safe inside my camera bag. Then deal with the kids. Who were soaked by then, not under the umbrella.

Priorities right?

By the time we made it home (game didn't happen - they called it due to weather) we were just soaking wet.

Needless to say this afternoon was a cuddle stay warm kinda afternoon. All 4 of us napped! was great.

Off to enjoy the rest of my rainy Saturday....

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