Happy Fathers Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This weekend has flown by!! Friday night we just relaxed and watched like 5 episodes of Dexter. I know. Crazy, but what can I say - I'm offically addicted to Michael C. Hall.

Saturday Morning I got up bright and early and got ready to drive to Peterborough to Second Shoot a wedding with Charlotte Clements, from cfc pix. Long ass drive let me tell you. But soooo pretty. I've found so many places I want to do couples shoots. Tanya spent the day shoting a wedding in Bradford. Wedding Season has begun!!!!

Anywho. Almost 5 hours of driving and then 10 hours of shooting, and then I came home. Nick looked almost as tired as I felt. Nevaeh wore him into the ground with all her playing (and temper tantrums lol).

This morning we woke up, said "Happy Fathers Day" to nick, went for brekkie and headed off to our friends Becca and Jase's Boat. As you may (or may not) know, nick basically makes giant stickers for a living (wraps boats/cars/trucks/transports etc). So he had done their boat name. Which they loved...


After the boat name went on, I sat and gabbed with Bec and Nick walked a very restless Nevaeh around. She badly wanted in that water. Bec and Jase suggested a ride out on the water. Nevaeh's first boat ride.


While we waited for the guys to get the boat ready to go, Becca fed Nev strawberries, while I had a panic attack thinking she would get red all over her new dress ...I'm no fun, I know...
At first, she wasn't too impressed as we got out of the Marina. She yelled and kept trying to hop out of the boat . She wanted in the water.

and then.....as we spead up, she LOVED it....

I'm off to bed now. I have one hell of a headache. But before I do, I'd like to wish my daddy and Nick a fantastical fathers day.

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