I should be sleeping

Monday, July 12, 2010

But instead I'll post some pics from last night. I had to run to Zehrs to pick up milk etc and it was like 8:45pm. The three older girls wanted to come, so we hopped in the van. I turned the corner and thought what a pretty sunset. Madison saw the look in my eye and said 'we're going home for the camera aren't we'....as I was doing a u-turn on the street. Smart kid.

So what was supposed to be a 10 min trip turned into 1 hour, and me not getting into the grocery store because it was closed. Instead I paid double the price at a convience store.

But, I did get these pics....




Then it got really dark and tried to get a cool shot but mimi kept moving, managed this one but cut off her one hand which bothers me everytime I look at this picture.


I then drove quickly to the beach to try and catch more of the sunset, but missed it behind the clouds.

Here I said 'look like you love eachother'....this is what I got. Madison was my 'assistant' and was holding my flash....


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