Week from Hell....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I so lied. My next post was going to be another wedding. One it's not. Because I haven't had time this week to breath, let alone think of something clever and whitty to share with those pics. They will come next week.
Monday -Wednesday were probably the worst couple days I've had in a long time at work (like my full time regular paycheque work). I fixed up Timetables till I was blue in the face, and then fixed them up some more. For two campuses.
Fun. Not.
I now need glasses, because I'm squinting at the screen. The analytical part of by brain was done in, so to top that off, Monda and Tuesday night I had to use the creative side and do photoshoots. Monday night was a really fun Mat shoot, and Tuesday were twins.
Lets just say I was a mess by Wednesday. When I left work that day, I was way too frazzled to look at a computer, so I picked up Nevaeh, then when Nick got off work we decided to hit the drive-in.


That night I had changed my facebook status to "taking a night off from computers, camera, editing, its been that kind of day". I never said anything about iphones, and I caved, and took this cute pic of Nevaeh going down the crazy, probably unsafe drive-in slide.

Anywho, Thurday night Tanya and I got our hair done by the fantabulous Jennifer Lockerbie. I don't have pics. But trust in the fact that it looks good.

This brings us to Friday. I had to finish up Timetable stuff, leave work, go grocery shopping, get the kids, get nick, take them to the beach and go home and get ready for the next day.

You see, I'm taking Madison to her first ever concert today. Lilith Fair!! We're going with my mom and sis, for a dual mom/mady birthday present. Madisons turning 11, my mom? She's turning, umm....29 again. For the 22nd time?

But I had forgotten that Mimi has soccer, and it's her turn to bring snacks, so I also had to organize that last night.

I love my life.

So, here are some pics from our 1 hour of 'fun time' last night, before I had a million things to do.


She was excited apparently






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